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November 11, 2006
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Precious Miseries: Headless? by neoqueenhoneybee Precious Miseries: Headless? by neoqueenhoneybee
Well, this image is in it's final stages. There is still something that bothers me about this piece, but I've been looking at it for so long, I can't tell anymore. So, I'm going to stick it up here and hope that someone else feels it too and can point it out.

About the Image:
This piece features my Precious Miseries character, lil Envirion. Lil Envirion is based of a real life friend, who’s online name is envirion. (envi, for short.) She is Korean, loves dollfies and phoenixes and enjoys cosplaying. So, I took all these things into consideration when making lil Envirion. (I even gave her the hair that envi designed a while back.) Envi even gave me the idea for this picture. She was envisioning something a bit different, but the overall concept is hers. And the idea for this piece came from a dollfie head removing demonstration she gave at an anime convention. (She used her dollfie, Yasuzu.)

The dolls in the background have a special meaning to us. The one wearing white/gray in the attic, is Yasuzu. Yasuzu is envi’s dollfie in real life, her pride and joy. His full name…which I can’t remember, means “Dark Phoenix”. The two dolls on the bottom level of the dollhouse are Rhisto and Lolita. These two, who have very long and complicated stories, are characters envi and I created for a long term sequential project. The outfits the dolls are wearing are actually outfits that we made/own. Rhisto is the happy looking doll wearing kodona, while Lolita is the angry looking one wearing dark loli.

The sleeping Phoenix’s name is Alpha and the ‘poster’ image in the background is of Omega. These two names/characters come from a story of envi’s design. Obviously, it’s a story about Phoenixes, but I really can’t get into detail. I drew the poster image a few years back as a present to envi. <3

I think that’s it! :P Please enjoy the image!
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Nicolelover Dec 4, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
There should be a million FAVS for each of your work~! I love all your art, the outfits are incredable~!
You're style for drawing dolls is so especial, i'm glad to saw you're pics! (i love dolls XD!)
Okay there's three things I noticed. First the yellow ribbon looks awkward, the part under her head doesn't look at all attatched to the part around her waist. Secondly she looks a little pale, it might be intentional but I thought she was a little more flesh colored. Lastly her eyes look more purple than in your other image. They're all things which would throw me off a little... So I hope it helped, if not oh well.
I think it’s a really neat character. She’s a bit of a mannequin really. The idea of mannequins has interesting connotations, which makes her all the more fascinating. I also really like the phoenix, particularly the design of its head.
Oooh, I'm glad that you are enjoying the image!
Soooo cool. It took me a minute to figure out what was going on, but once I did... this is awesome. I love it!

I especially like the pheonix... so pretty... :D
lol, envi would agree with you on the phoenix part. ^^
I'm loving all the textures in the environment around her.
Beautiful artwork as always. Keep up the amazing work. :heart:
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